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Internationalization – Digitalization – ESG

Unlocking the three Pillars of Growth: Internationalization – Digitalization – ESG

Internationalization – Digital TransformationESG are the three main pillars of strategic growth. All three of them can offer significant new growth potential. However, there are several challenges for a high outcome in terms of competitiveness and growth:

  • To understand the impact potential of each pillar for your business
  • To innovate in each field
  • To connect the three pillars into a consistent, comprehensive concept

Transformation & Disruption: Thread or Opportunity?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face an unprecedented confluence of challenges that necessitate a radical transformation to ensure survival in an era marked by constant disruption. Economic uncertainties, dynamic shifts in consumer behavior, and the relentless pace of technological evolution collectively demand a profound transformation in traditional business models.

The very essence of survival for SMEs lies in their ability to not just adapt but undergo a strategic transformation that addresses these challenges head-on. The disruptive forces at play, driven by technological advancements and changing market dynamics, require businesses to rethink and reshape their fundamental approaches.

At Axis Blueschild Group we help SMEs to stay ahead of competition!

Integrated Solutions for SMEs
by Axis Blueschild Group

Axis Blueschild Group distinguishes itself as business innovation experts, employing an “out of the box” approach to keep clients ahead of the competition and uncover new business potential.

At Axis Blueschild Group we feature specialized divisions, each offering a high level of expertise.

What sets us apart is our capacity to design and implement integrated solutions through cross-division project teams. This unique approach allows Axis Blueschild Group to address diverse client needs comprehensively and creatively.

International Exports:
Make the World Yours!

In an ever-changing business landscape, Blueschild Consulting, our export development firm, stands out as a trailblazer, providing unparalleled expertise in export development and internationalization to facilitate transformative growth. With a worldwide reach, our extensive team of more than 140 qualified consultants spans across 50 markets, positioning us to shape the businesses of tomorrow for our customers.

We deliver comprehensive solutions that drive success and bring about high growth rates and overall transformation of SMEs. At Blueschild Consulting, we offer an innovative export outsourcing solution that enables businesses to kickstart export journey today. Our services provide the opportunity to access foreign markets without the need for an in-house export team. This way, our customers can capitalize on global opportunities while overcoming the challenges associated with building and managing an export team. Our expertise and support help to navigate the complexities of international trade and unlock new growth prospects for SMEs.

Digital Transformation: Rethink B2B Business!

“This is not possible in our business” is common statement in B2B companies when it comes to digitalisation. But… the customer decides where the journey is headed. B2B buyers value user-friendly product presentation, well-structured, updated, accurate product information, easy-to-go inquiry tools and quotations in no time.

With SYANDEX we have developed an innovative application for digitalization in B2B business. Boost sales and minimise sales operation costs at the same time. Syandex allows new ways of interaction with buyers and suppliers, which up to now were considered as impossible in the B2B sector.

A unique tool for B2B enterprises, associations, entrepeneurs and consultants to exploit new business potential through smart digitalization.

ESG Compliance:
The new business standard

Design and implementation of ESG and CSR policies are not merely aspects of marketing, but concern the overall competitiveness of a business For consumers, partners and investors, ESG & CSR are already important criterions for choosing to cooperate with your company. With our ESG division Ambiever, we support businesses to pioneer and to create new business opportunities through contemporary ESG & CSR policies and initiatives.

Divisions & Solutions

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Export Readiness Application

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Interested to transform your business?

Interested to transform your business?