International excellence in lighting

FOSS SA are leading international lighting experts combining in a unique way state-of-the-art lighting technology with exceptional lighting design committed to absolute lighting excellence.

The company was established 30 years ago by Anastasios Bizakis in Athens, Greece.
Today FOSS is acknowledged for its integrated lighting solutions covering lighting studies, exceptional premium luminaries and cutting edge lighting technologies.

International lighting solutions

The team of FOSS cooperates local architects, interior designers, lighting partners and construction companies with the use of the latest and most advanced applications, design and calculating tools.
Based on its vertical digital organization, FOSS is able to efficiently cooperate with its partners remotely, meeting project deadlines even within demanding timelines.
Foss combines vast expertise in terms of lighting design and managing even large-scale lighting projects, having operated many projects from premium residential homes up to large-scale projects in the international commercial and hotel business.