Exports to Europe – All in One

If you are interested to develop your sales in Europe, Axis Blueschild are the specialized export partners for the European markets. We offer a new, unique service called “Exports Europe – All in one”. With this service, we support you in your export development in currently 17 important West and South Europe markets through one partnership.

Exports to Europe from the inside

Europe remains to be fragmented. Each European market has its language, habits, and business culture. So a customized approach is required.
With Exports Europe – All in One you don’t have to search and to manage representatives in every European market. Your company will develop exports to European markets with one partnership with Axis Blueschild. This means you minimize development time, development costs, and administration costs.
We operate in each European market with our local teams, securing market development from the inside. We operate close to buyers and consider local market characteristics. Market development from inside increases performance and prospects of success for your exports to European markets.

Seated in Germany the economic heart of Europe

Axis Blueschild started in 2010 from Düsseldorf in Germany. We provide our services for your exports to Europe from the heart of Europe as Germany remains to be the strategic hub for business in Europe. With vast experience in export development, we take care of a professional approach of European buyers.
Moreover, when you make it in Germany, the development of the other European markets will become much more easier, as Germany is a strong reference for all other markets in Europe.

Making your brand known in Europe

We are neither mediators nor agents. At Axis Blueschild we operate under your brand as an extension of your export department. This model creates brand awareness for you and all business relationships are directly connected and owned by you. We don’t create an unprofessional dependence. Even if you decide at some point to proceed with a different market development model, all common achievements up to this point are under your control and you can take from there.

Key account project management

Cooperating with Axis Blueschild you have one partner to communicate with. You monitor together with your Axis Blueschild project manager buyer feedback, lead generation, and sales development for each European market. The coordination and monitoring of our local teams are managed by us. This minimizes for you the day-by-day work for overlooking so many markets. All teams execute works on the same standards and specifications.

Exports to Europe: be persistent

For sure you cannot expect quick shots in European markets. All markets are mature with a high level of competition. There are zero chances for quick shots! For developing sustainable business it takes systematic, recurrent, and persistent communication with the key persons in the companies. In our projects, the very first goal is to become connected with the right people in the organizations, put your company on their radar, and persistently work on getting the chance for starting cooperation.

The key for your exports to Europe is your export pitch

The success is strongly dependent on your export pitch and on efficiently communicating your Unique Selling Points. As stronger, they are as better the chances. We support our customers to develop a strong, appealing export pitch. As you know buyers are receiving many cooperation proposals every day and they don’t open them. So the challenge is to find a way to open the door. We achieve that by combining a strong export pitch with a personal, systematic, and professional approach.

Minimising export development costs

Our innovative service allows us to achieve important synergies in project operation. For you, it means significantly reduced costs for developing your sales in Europe. You save a huge budget and time for developing cooperations in each European market.

Why Axis Blueschild for your exports to European markets

At Axis Blueschild we are specifically strong in the European markets. For more than 10 years we support customers from abroad in the development of their exports to Europe. Our expertise covers consumer goods and industrial products as well.  With Axis Blueschild you get export teams in the main European markets from day 1.

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