Export & Internationalization services

Boost your
international business

When it comes to development of export development and internationalization is Axis Blueschild is the international top address. We support SME enterprises to develop their sales abroad and even to transform their company from a national to an international player.

Export outsourcing service

Did you ever consider on outsourcing  your export development?
Success in exports can change your company and shift it to a new business level. Though the problem is that to operate a fully organised export department is a huge investment and takes time. The maintenance of a complete export department is very cost-intensive and for small and medium sized enterprises not affordable.
We offer an innovative model for a complete outsourcing of the export activities, which significantly minimizes costs and at the same time increases the export development performance.
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Exports Europe- All in One

Axis Blueschild has a new, unique service proposition called “Exports Europe – All in one”. With this innovative service proposition we support our clients in their export development in currently 17 important markets of West and South Europe at a incredible fee. Exports Europe – All in One is internationally unique.  It is addressed to companies interested in an efficient, overall development of the European markets. Instead of searching for capable local partners in many different European markets, we provide the option for developing European markets through one partnership.  Exports Europe – All in One saves significantly time and cost.
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Internationalization – from local to global

Exports are about increasing sales, internationalization is to transform your company from a local to a global player.
In a first step we elaborate for your company the suitable internationalization model. For this we take into consideration the characteristics of your company, the trends and the opportunities in your specific industry.
In the second phase we  support you in the required adjustments of your branding, marketing and operatio.
Eventually we take care of the implementation and developing sales at global level.